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Color harmony can be seen at a glance, so there can be no mistakes. "Color matching" is a better color matching method. As long as you pay attention to the treatment of light and shade, that is, the combination of dark and light colors. In general, "matching with color" can give people a sense of elegance. Most of the clothes are shallower, shoes and bags are deeper and more colorful; Alternatively, clothes can be deeper, shoes and bags shallower and plain. In addition to the "color matching", neutral shoes such as black, camel and gold are good "versatile colors".

For women with natural and free temperament, shoes should have a certain thickness and weight, and be simple and generous. Elegant and charming women's shoes should be light and empty, with some exquisite decoration. For noble and classical women, it's best to choose the classic style of generous and elegant shoes. Fancy and fashionable will show old-fashioned instead. A petite and lovely girl with fashionable and fancy shoes is not exaggerated at all. The traditional collocation is also being broken little by little. There are all kinds of styles and patterns of jeans. The matching of shoes can also be different. They can be high heels, flat leather boots, and even old-fashioned embroidered shoes.

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