Is the leatherbag OEM processing quality good at Guangzhou Limon?

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  Is the leatherbag OEM processing quality good at Guangzhou Limon? Guangzhou Limon Leather Goods Co., Ltd. is an OEM/ODM handbag and leather goods factory established in 2011, with 12 years of experience in leather handbag OEM processing and labeling. It is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, which is one of the global hubs for leather goods manufacturing.

  The leatherbag OEM processing quality at Guangzhou Limon Leather Goods is good. With 12 years of experience and serving major international brands, Limon Leather Goods ensures high-quality OEM/ODM handbags and exports. They also undertake various private customization projects for genuine leather handbags.

leatherbag OEM processing quality

  At Guangzhou Limon Leather Goods Co., Ltd., we introduce at least 500+ new handbag styles every month. We have a dedicated R&D team and designers to provide services such as OEM processing, manufacturing, and design. We are not intermediaries or second-hand wholesalers in the market. We offer firsthand handbags and goods to livestreamers, influencers, and physical store owners. Many handbags on the market, even those priced at a couple of hundred dollars, come from our factory. We offer favorable prices for large orders. If you have design drawings or samples, we can help you reproduce the physical product. We can handle small-scale customization orders, and for larger orders of two to three hundred pieces, our monthly production capacity is 50,000 units, which can be shipped out in a few days. Urgent delivery is also available.

  At Guangzhou Limon Leather Goods, we undertake leather handbag OEM processing for mid-to-high-end handbags, women's bags, and genuine leather handbags from countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Europe.

  Is the leatherbag OEM processing quality good at Guangzhou Limon?Guangzhou Limon Leather Goods has independent factory buildings and numerous production facilities equipped with complete equipment. Some high-end craftsmanship can also be customized.

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Since 2011,We are OEM/ODM Manufacturer Of Leather Bags.
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  • QualityWe strict quality control at every stage, from raw material to delivery.
  • CustomizeCustomization base on customer requirements,leather bags in various styles.
  • 12 YearsWe have 12 years of OEM/ODM experience in leather men's and women's bag.
  • TeamOur professional team consists of a group of experienced and skilled craftsmen.
  • ProductionHigh Daily Production,Our leatherbag OEM monthly production exceeds 50000.
  • QualificationLimon Leatherbag OEM manufacturer with strong production,complete qualification.

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